POER smart detector

Detect gas leakage such as natural gas and liquefied petroleum

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Smart Gas Detector
Main functions and features

Gas sensors with high reliability

Modular sensor which is easy for change, maintenance and calibration.

Fast response, zero drift, high precision, and low power consumption

Controlled by microprocessor and it has the rapid response , high reliability and low failure rate.

Sound and light alarm at the scene

Cooperate with smart gateway, and installing APP can realize remote control and alarm.

linkage output with  gas shut-off valve

Smart Gas Detector Drawing

Installation and Wiring Instruction

(1)The detector installation position should be specifically analyzed and determined based on actual situation of used gas and the location of the used fuel gas appliances. But it should follow the following principles:

Detector and fuel’s use instruments shall be located in the same room.

Please install the detector on the wall within horizontal distance of 1.5 meters from the fuel gas appliance.

Detection of liquid gas: installed in the ground 0. 3 m or so (because the proportion of liquefied petroleum gas is heavier than air).

Detection of gas: installed in the ceiling 0. 3 m or so (because the proportion of natural gas lighter than air).

If the rooms have spacer, detector and potential gas source should be in the same side of the spacer.

In a room with a sloping ceiling, the detector should be located at higher side of the room.

Detectors should be located in a zone close to breathing area of residents. 


(2) Places where detector can not be placed.

Do not place the detector in the following places:

Directly affected by exhaust gas, steam and oil-smoke produced by the combustion apparatus.

The cupboard or beneath it.

Wet or humid place.

The temperature of places or outdoor is below 0 degree or over 55 degree.

Detector and gas equipment are isolated.

Near the doors and Windows or any place that may be affected by air, such as fan or porosity.

Dirt or dust can accumulatively block detector and prevent it from working.

Vulnerable to collide, damage or casually moved


(3) In which room Detector is installed?

Ideally, it is suggested that a detector is installed in every room with a fuel utensils. But if there are more than a burner and detector 

number is limited, when determining the position, the following needs to be considered:

If the bedroom has a burner, the bedroom need to install a detector inside;

If a room has a burner with a chimney or ordinary flue type, you need to install a detector in the room

If in a room often used such as living room  has  electric appliances, you need to install a detector in the room

In a bedroom and a living room, the detector needs to stay away from cooking utensils and sleeping place as much as possible.

Gas Detector in APP
Gas Detector in APP


Linkage output connector of gas detector has positive and negative polarity; if matched with Poer standard

solenoid shut-off valve, just need to joint the two butts. When using a third-party solenoid shut-off valve,

please confirm the following issue:

Solenoid shut-off valve must be with rated voltage DC9-12V, pulse driving current 1.0A-1.8A, pulse time >1s;

Pay attention to the correct polarity of linkage output connector.

Product specification

Model No.PSG10
Sensor typeSemiconductor SnO2
Gas detectedNatural Gas or LPG (Butane , Propane)
Main power supply230 V AC (-15%+10%) 50/60 Hz
Operational EnvironmentTemperature of -10°C~40°C
humidity≤95%RH, no condensation
Storage temperature-20°C ~ 50°C .
Pressure limit86kPa ~ 106kPa
Power consumption3 VA
Starting time2 min. 30 sec.
Response time≤30s automatic recovery
Sample modeNatural spread
Alarming range2% - 20% LEL.
Alarm triggering point9% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit)
Type of alarmAcoustic and light alarm
Alarm volume≥70dB
RF transmission433M/868M visual range is 100m
LED indicatorsPower supply ON: green LED blink quickly
Prepare heating: green LED keep light for 2m
Alarm: green LED blink slowly, red LED stay on
Paring success: green LED blink quickly
Paring failed: red LED blink quickly
RF communication good with gateway:green LED blink slowly
RF communication bed with gateway:green LED blink slowly, red LED blink quickly
Audible alarm: Buzzer min. 85 dB at 1 m
Lifetime of the detector5years
Degree of protectionIP42
Housing materialABS, UL 94V0
Operation placeindoor
WeightAbout 270g
DimensionLx W xH, mm: 111 x 71 X 43 (with back plate)
Optional deviceGas solenoid cuts off valve

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